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Gunnel rubber for Plastic Classics
Whether you call it gunnel or gunwale rubber, a worn out rub rail can spoil the appearance of your sailboat. We stock many of the hard-to-find replacement OEM gunnel rubber for Cal, Newport and Schock boats. See our complete gunnel rubber catalog.


Stainless steel mast step plates
Want to lead your lines aft to the cockpit, but concerned about drilling holes in your deck? Our mast step plates provide a place to cleanly attach blocks at the base of the mast. We stock four sizes of stainless steel mast step plates for deck-stepped masts.


Cal 20 parts and rigging guide
We are the primary source for Cal 20 parts. Take a look at our Cal 20 parts catalog, and view a reprint of “A Classy 20 Footer”, our Cal 20 rigging guide.


Santana 22 parts and rigging articles
Seal’s Spars and Rigging specializes in Santana 22 parts. Check out our Santana 22 parts catalog and our two articles on preventing S-22 mast and boom losses.


Cal 25 parts and retrofitting article
We carry many hard-to-find Cal 25 parts. Take a look at our Cal 25 parts catalog, and read a reprint of “The Cal 25: Simple, able and cheap”, a Cal 25 retrofitting guide.


Spreader brackets
The best spreader brackets for 20' to 28' boats with a flat-sided oval mast. An excellent heavy-duty spreader bracket for Santana 22 & 27, Cal 25, Coronado 25, and Balboa 26.


Rigging and retrofitting articles
Steve Seal has written or contributed to a number of published rigging and retrofitting articles about the Cal 20, Cal-25, Cal 2-27, and the Santana 22.







Steve Seal racing his first Cal 20, Tour Jeté, on San Francisco Bay in 1973.
About Seal’s Spars & Rigging
Steve Seal was the rigger at Jensen Marine (builders of the Cal line of sailboats) from 1964 through 1969. In 1970 Steve moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and started Seal's Spars & Rigging. Steve raced Cal 20s throughout the 1970s, winning the national championship in 1977. Steve has also owned a Santana 22, a Cal 2-27, and a Wyliecat 30, an Olson 29, and worked extensively with these classes (as well as other classes) to solve spar and rigging problems. Seal’s Spars & Rigging specializes in OEM and specialty parts and spars for 20' to 30' “Plastic Classics”.